Welcome to the Lords of Lothar Wiki

Everything you need to know on playing the first ever Free RPGTE (Role Playing Game - Traffic Exchange), Lords of Lothar.  Unlike the standard Traffic Exchange, this can be played by gamers and advertisers alike.  It follows the same click and view ads, with game play every 25 pages.

Where to Start

If you have just joined, be sure to read about each class. Then you can learn about all the creatures, levels and items.

To see everything on the wiki, including incomplete game guides and other information, just go to Browse.

How To Contribute

Please Sign Up.  You will have the ability to then add pages and edit all the information on the wiki in a visual editor.  There is a help section if you get stuck and the wikitext cheat sheets can be found here and here.

There is also a forum to discuss all aspects of the RPGTE.

Latest activity


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